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Follow Pema Gyalpo Lama in the construction of the Clinic in Nubri Valley, Nepal

Hi everyone, my name is Tainá Guedes, I am food activist, artist, book author, chef and curator based in Berlin/ Germany. I have been in Kathmandu in October 2018, and met Pema. I am supporting him by raising funds to his clinic and by creating some communication channels to all of you, who believe we should help bringing health care to every single person in this planet, including minorities living in remote regions in our planet. If you believe, we should share what we have, and by doing so, bringing more equality to our world, or if you have donated to this project already, here is a platform for us to exchange ideas on how to help further this project.

Here are some pictures from Pema working at Nubri Valley and surroundings. Pema is one of the first health worker in this region.

Pema has been working bringing health care to remote regions in the Himalayas Mountains and has started to build up a clinic at Nubri Valley, 3.500m high, 8 days walk from Kathmandu. 8.140,00 US dollars are needed in order to build the clinic and every contribution counts.

He started building up the clinic with stones, wood and materials he found, without having any financial resources. I am deeply moved by his work, it is a prove that that's the way we should act in our contemporaneity. If our governments can't provide us with what people need, we should not wait for them, or any organisation to do what needs to be done. We should take this on our hands, and act now. Of course, never forgetting to ask for our rights towards the government obligations.

Please donate what you can, 1-5 Euros make a big difference in the total budget Pema needs to finish the construction of the clinic.

You can transfer your donation to the following bank account:

Name: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited Address: Lazimpat, P.O. Box 3990, Kathmandu, Nepal Telephone: +977-4418466 SWIFT CODE: SCBLNPKA

Account nr.: 18211380501 Account Name: Pema Gyalpo Lama

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