• Tainá Guedes

There are many ways to contribute to the construction of the clinic in Nubri Valley, Himalaya

I am asking all doctors I know if they could place a donation box for the construction of Pema's clinic in Nubri Valley, Himalaya Mountains.

Dr. Karin Giersig, a dear friend and big supporter, placed a donation box on her clinic in Weissensee/ Berlin in the beginning of this month, December. We thank you from all our hearts!

If you are a doctor, you know how important is your profession and may also be aware about the importance of bringing health and education to all people. It happens that our governments can't fully take care of this, and doctors are not able to walk 8 or more days in extremely landscapes to attend patients in Himalaya Mountain regions. There are some people willing to do so, people like Pema and his colleagues of Nomad Clinic, as for example, and I think we should support people like him on his path.

Please get in touch if you feel like connecting us to doctors, clinics, hospitals, or if you are working on this segment and want to place a donation box at your working place.

If you are a kind person reading this, and want to help by donating to the construction of the clinic, here is the bank account:

Name: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited Address: Lazimpat, P.O. Box 3990, Kathmandu, Nepal Telephone: +977-4418466 SWIFT CODE: SCBLNPKA Account nr.: 18211380501 Account Name: Pema Gyalpo Lama

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